Workers' Compensation

Throughout the United States, almost all employers are required to provide some form of workplace injury coverage for their employees (with Texas and Oklahoma being, effectively, the only exceptions).

Workers' compensation (WC) is the most common form of workplace injury coverage, and while each state legislates its own unique idiosyncrasies, all 50 WC systems are generally similar when viewed collectively.

Any given state’s  WC insurance policy is rigidly legislated, greatly limiting any differentiation in policy form from carrier to carrier. Still, an employer’s WC results can vary substantially depending on a number of factors: policy endorsements; safety management; loss control; bill review adequacy; loss sensitivity; captive options; etc.

At Workers Compensation Options, we provide the best prices for WC because of our 1) loss control expertise; and 2) access to almost all carriers throughout the country.  We find the right fit for our clients based on their unique situation.