About Workers Compensation Options

We are experienced consultants in risk management with a focus on workplace injuries.

Our focus:  To help employers achieve three primary goals:

  1. Protect Workers/Volunteers;
  2. Control Outcomes; and
  3. Minimize the Cost of Risk.

We work directly with employers.

What we do:  Provide valuable and trusted resources

We embrace the highest level of integrity and transparency.

We use a holistic risk management approach to determine the nature, size and scope of a client's risks.

We maintain focus on court verdicts, emerging legislation and changes in the insurance marketplace.

What we don't do:  Push preferred products or insurance

Our clients should not be told to either opt into or out of workers' compensation with some sort of blind faith or predisposition towards one solution or another.

Our clients should not be pressured to buy insurance at all costs--insurance is one of various valuable means of transferring or financing risk.

What's in it for you?  A different, customer-centric, transparent and expert partner

We differentiate ourselves with our unbiased expertise in risk management and unique abilities within the increasingly complex and changing world of workplace injuries.

We have found in the insurance marketplace that when it comes to options for workplace injuries, ignorance and/or greed cause the vast majority of insurance professionals to be predisposed to a particular solution.

Ultimately, our clients are enabled to make the best choice for their unique circumstances based on our expert counseling.